Which is safe Google or Duckduckgo?

Updated: Jun 15

Google collects data on what videos you watch, the ads you click, your location, device information, and IP address and cookie data. It says it does this to "make [its] services work better for you, which is true. Google does not sell your personal information to anyone. It uses cookie data to provide you certain GoogleAds, in their partner websites. You can't stop getting ads online, but you can remove some unwanted ads. You can also stop getting ads that are based on your interests and info.

For example: when you are searching for a product in some e-shopping websites you might wonder how the same product displays on other mobile apps and some websites you visit ,the answer is google takes cookie data that you are searching for that product and it shows relevant ads in some apps and websites .

On the other hand Duckduckgo doesn't collects any other information as it states on website and holds strict privacy policy. Each time you search on DuckDuckGo, you have a blank search history, as if you’ve never been there before.

Incognito mode

Unfortunately people think google is safe when you are in incognito mode .The truth is incognito mode prevents only the browser history form being recorded. you can still visibile to websites you visit and ISP (Internet Service Provider).It is a myth that incognito protects your data from being known to all. It can still able to track you and use them to send interactive ads. It's not private anymore. On the other hand Duckduckgo doesn't collects any data whether you are in incognito or not.

Duckduckgo is also available on ios and android .

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